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Can I Have Coffee on the Candida Diet?

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There are a lot of reports online stating that if you have candida, then you cannot drink any coffee. Maybe you’ve read something like this before online, and you’re wondering if it’s true. Lots of Reports Online If you search the internet, you’re going to get a lot of different opinions. There are those that say it’s good and others …

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Can Candida Be Cured? 4 Steps To Make It Happen

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Candia is a terrible yeast infection that brings a large list of terrible symptoms. Candida is when the yeast in your gut overgrows and becomes a fungus. As the fungus is feed (by sugars and carbs), it begins to spread and root in the intestine walls. This causes a condition called leaky gut which brings even more troublesome symptoms including …

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Does Candida Die Off Cause Depression? My Personal Story

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If you haven’t already, take some time and read my story. During my long illness, one of the symptoms that I had faced was depression. I never had depression before. I was always a pretty happy individual that loved life and enjoyed each day. I tried to make the best out of every circumstance that came my way. When I …

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My Candida Story: Answers At Last

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It was a pretty ordinary day for my family and me. Life gets pretty busy. I was doing what I usually do every Monday – get ready for the upcoming week. Christmas was just around the corner, so it made this Monday busier. It Began With An Infection I remember that day waking up with weird urinary issues, I didn’t …