My Candida Story: Answers At Last

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It was a pretty ordinary day for my family and me. Life gets pretty busy. I was doing what I usually do every Monday – get ready for the upcoming week.

Christmas was just around the corner, so it made this Monday busier.

It Began With An Infection

I remember that day waking up with weird urinary issues, I didn’t think it was anything serious, but I wanted to make sure that it was taken care of, so I called and made an appointment with my doctor.

My doctor was going on vacation, so, feeling a little rushed, she brushed my symptoms off as nothing,  but humored me by giving me antibiotics.

My Doctor Gave Me Antibiotics

I took the antibiotics for seven days with no results. The symptoms started to intensify, but now my doctor was on holidays, so I couldn’t go and see her.

I tried several walk-in clinics, but all of the doctors that I visited said that they could find nothing wrong.

This proceeded for several months until finally, my condition got so bad that I ended up in the emergency room. After some tests and an assumed infection, I was given more antibiotics and sent home.

More Antibiotics 

As far as pain was concerned, the antibiotics helped clear everything up. I wish could I say that everything was fine after that, but this is when my story actually begins.

The days following, my stomach was a mess. I felt like every day I had the flu; I was tired, and I was facing a bunch of other digestion problems.

Overall, I felt terrible.

This went on for weeks on end.

My symptoms continued to escalate: severe bloating, nerve problems, I was exhausted to the point that  I couldn’t get out of bed, severe depression.

I went to see the doctor again, and this time she was angry. She told me that I was experiencing psychosomatic symptoms and that I should re-evaluate my life decisions.

I went to the emergency room, and they gave me every type of test imaginable.

The emergency room doctors told me that I couldn’t come back. As far as they could tell, there was nothing wrong.

I Felt Terrible

I knew that something was wrong – very wrong! But what in the world could it be?

I spend my days in bed staring out a window. I was depressed and sick of being sick. I was too weak to care about life anymore.

My family was suffering because of my illness, and I was a mess.

I searched the internet high and low for some answers to my problems. I thought I had several diseases, but nothing could explain all the symptoms I was suffering.

I seriously thought I was dying.

I Tried Everything For Relief

I tried acupuncture and every kind of home remedy; I tried every vitamin that you could buy. I juiced, and I dieted.

Nothing helped me. I was sick and I didn’t know what in the world was wrong with me. I just wanted some answers. 

I couldn’t find answers. I thought that I would have to live like this forever.

I Started To Get Weird Symptoms

I started to experience weird symptoms like nerve-shock-feelings up my back, pins and needles throughout my whole body.

I was pretty messed up. I didn’t know what was wrong, but I had convinced myself that whatever it was it must be pretty bad.

After years of this condition, someone suggested that I see their doctor.

I had explained to them that doctors didn’t believe me, and that they thought that I was making this all up.

They insisted that their doctor was different, and that they might have some answers as to what was going on inside of me.

I decided I would give it a try, and so I went. 

I Knew I Was Sick

I will never forget the day when that doctor took some of my blood and showed it to me on a monitor.

I always felt sick because of candida

He looked at me and told that I was sick.

I was so relieved that someone acknowledged that how I was feeling wasn’t just in my head – it was real!

I Had Candida! What Was Candida?

After further testing, I was diagnosed with a condition called Candida and leaky gut syndrome.

My body was being robbed of essential nutrition, and this was causing the majority of my problems.

Candida is a condition when the healthy yeast in our intestines grow out of control. It spreads like a wild fire throughout our bodies.

It Can Travel Everywhere

When candida spreads throughout your intestines, it begins to root into the intestine walls.

This causes bits of food and bacteria to enter your bloodstream and travel throughout your entire body.

Which is the cause a lot of the food sensitivities people have in our world.

The candida feeds on sugars and eliminates the vital nutrition that your body needs to thrive.

The symptoms of candida can be extreme as my story or very broad.

People Can Have Candida and Not Know it

Many times IBS is the diagnosis by doctors when the real threat is candida.

These doctors make a ton of money prescribing IBS medications that just mask symptoms, and not deal with the root of the problem – candida.

Most doctors claim that they have no cure for IBS, but they refuse to acknowledge that candida is real.

The doctors that agree that candida is a problem say that 80% of the population are affected by it.

This is incredible. If 80% of our population has candida then that means that you may have it as well. 

Your depression, exhaustion and IBS symptoms could be . . . Candida!


I believe that I had candida way before I took those antibiotics. The symptoms of candida were annoying me for years – I just didn’t know what it was. After taking the antibiotics, the candida began spread quickly and was taking control of my body. 

I believe because of the series of events in my life (having candida before, taking antibiotics for a month, and not knowing that I had candida), that I had it severe (I’m talking about one of the worse cases. That’s just my opinion). 

When I finally got diagnosed with candida, I immediately changed my diet. I started taking a vitamin B complex, magnesium, berberine, and a candida cleanse.

I still have candida today. It’s certainly a daily fight, but small victories are important and celebrated.

I hope that you’ll continue to check out my blog as I share information and tips about the fight against candida. 

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